Sunday, April 30, 2006

an honest to goodness knitting post

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These are some booties that I've been working on for about two weeks. They have a matching bonnet that I made from this pattern on Knitty over Easter weekend at my parents' house. Love the bonnet - not very photogenic, though.

The booties are a Debbie Bliss pattern from her Cashmerino Baby Book. These are destined for a June baby, however, so I made them from cotton. The most beautiful cotton in all the land: Millefili Fine from Filatura di Crosa. Look at that stitch definition, folks! It's lovely. I'm using size 2 bamboo straight needles.

I find that I use my straight bamboo needles for all my little projects. I couldn't imagine knitting these little guys on some circular Addis with the wire cord all over the place. It's so much more pleasant with the straight needles.

Ordinarily I would have knocked these babies out in one weekend. Why they are taking me two weeks to knit I attribute to two things.

First: I'm sufferring from SBS. Second Bootie Syndrome.

Second: I'm sufferring from Spring Fever. There's something in the air that is making me completely unable to focus. Usually, I'm a very monagamous knitter and now I have 5 projects going. I know that for some of you this is normal. You're even laughing at me. ("Five? Ha! That's nothing!") But this is very unusual behavior for me. I think the warm weather has me going all nutty. I can't commit. I'm a knitting adulterer!


Lisa said...

Those are great little booties - that cotton is fantastic! Where do you get it?

Rebecca said...

I'll give you one guess....
(@ The Point!)

gleek said...

yeah, totally gorgeous stitch definition!