Tuesday, April 25, 2006

did'ya think i was lying?

mohair hoodie
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All this talk of a mohair hoodie. Well, to get actual photographic evidence, myself and Master P have to be home at the same time. During the day. Here it is. Finally.

Mohair Hoodie

Made from: Jaeger Mohair Art in "cigar" (sadly discontinued)

Made with: size 8 24" Addi Turbos

Pattern from: Knitting on the Go by Kim Percival

Time to knit: One marathon viewing of the entire season of Firefly, one roundtrip ride on NJ Transit to my parents' house, various episodes of Lost, The Amazing Race and America's Next Top Model, one vewing of Regarding Henry.

This is my first truly wearable sweater. Even in the picture, it doesn't look handknit. (Well, maybe it does, but not in a bad way.) I am going to get a ton of wear out of this once the weather turns cold again. And I love Kim Percival's patterns. They're really easy to read and I followed this to a "T" and didn't have a single problem. Now I have to pack it away before I die from mohair suffocation.


gleek said...

lovely!! too bad it won't get much wear till the fall :( but you'll pack it away and it'll be a nice surprise to pull it out when the weather gets cold again.

nice to see that you got bit by the firefly bug. one of my all-time favorite shows!

Rebecca said...

I tried wearing it the first week of April and nearly passed out from heat stroke! My love of mohair is just not practical!

PassionKNITly said...

That does look lovely!

And dude, Firefly is AWESOME!