Sunday, April 02, 2006

canned heat

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Have I told you about our place in the country? It's a run down little Hobbit Hole in Greenpoint, where we spent much of last summer. Master P and I loved it very much. It was the kind of place where you didn't have to lock the doors. It was dark and ill-equipped, but when the nights got cold you could build a fire in the living room.
The back yard was overgrown with vines and rose bushes, but there was a nice bonfire pit and a little charcoal barbecue where we cooked out almost once a week.
Ah, but the owners are leaving and that means we won't have access to it anymore either. The other day we had our very last night in the country. It was the first warm day of the year - just right for cooking out and enjoying the outdoors. And as the sun began to set and the cool set it, we packed up our provisions and trekked off to Greenpoint to build one last bonfire.

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