Friday, March 17, 2006

le clapotis, c'est fini!

aurora clapotis
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I figured I better post some knitting so you all would know what I'm up to over here at The Works.

This is my finished Clapotis. I finished it while Master P was away. It took a little over 5 balls of Noro Aurora. I knit it on size 5 Susan Bates Silverados, which drove me batty.

I had enough yarn left over to make a pair of sweet little wrist warmers which I wore to an interview yesterday where I had to look "stylish". I'm not ready to post about it yet, but if anyone wants to guess what the interview was for, there may be a prize in it for you. And it doesn't count if I already told you about it. No fair cheating.

I'm off to NJ this weekend to see my cousin who just got home from Iraq. She's a lawyer in the Navy and one of the most courageous people I know. She makes me feel as though I ought to do something worthwhile with my life.

You know, I just picked up a copy of Jane Magazine because my friend, Carrie, was featured in this article about 30 women under 30. It was really inspiring and I'd like to include my cousin in that group because she's out there inciting change in the world. I think she's amazing.

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gleek said...

hhmm, i've been eyeing that noro aurora for a while now. did you like working with it?