Saturday, February 18, 2006

what's that you say?

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You want to see more progress shots of my Knitting Olympics sweater? Sorry. Instead I give you this! My knitting needle case. I put this one together a couple of weeks ago using leftover scraps from my curtains. Cute, no?

The sweater is moving along. I was frantic with the idea that I just couldn't read the pattern. I packed it all up and took it to work to beg at the feet of my co-workers.

So I pulled out the pattern and laid out the sweater pieces and when I started to read through the directions THEY MADE PERFECT SENSE.

I just felt so foolish. I mean not as foolish as Lindsay Jacobellis who pulled a trick at the end of her race and lost the gold medal. And not as foolish as Bode Miller who failed to complete yet another race. And definitely not as foolish as Apollo Anton Ono who placed third to two Koreans in the speed skating. But pretty foolish nonetheless.

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