Thursday, February 09, 2006


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It was a busy weekend at The Works! Well, my weekend is Sunday and Monday so that's what I'm referring to.
Sunday was spent making chili, watching the Superbowl and doing lots of knitting. (I can knit and watch football at the same time. What?!)
Monday was spent sewing my 30lbs. of fabric. While Master P did some writing I sewed my brains out. I made 6 panels, each 9 feet long. We only hung 4 however, because we can't freakin' drill through the cinder block wall. We've tried almost anything and nothing has worked, so if anyone can make a suggestion, I'd love to hang the rest of my curtains.
After finishing the curtains, I decided to keep sewing and I pulled these scraps together to make some cases for my knitting needles. I finished the case with the circle motifs before I ran out of steam.
We're talking 6 hours of marathon sewing! I told Master P every Monday should be like that. Neither of us spend enough time on what we "really want to do" (like writing, or sewing). We'd both be happier if we did.

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illanna said...

Your needle case is awesome! I saw the other pictures on flickr, and it looked very functional. By the way, thanks for all your help the other day ;) Hope you have a good week!!